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An old colonial power-house, the former gateway to the Far East and a popular transit stop on the way to Australia. Does Singapore have more to offer than just the Marina Bay Sands hotel? I met up with my friend Lucy Winthrop, author of Lulabelle Lifestyle, to check it out.


Arriving into Singapore after a 12hour flight, the temptation can be to go straight to bed. Don’t succumb to the tiredness because there’s so much to see. Book yourself into a centrally located hotel and first of all head out for some food. TONO Cevicheria is the first ever authentic Peruvian cevicheria not only in Singapore but also Asia. The chefs are trained in Peru and serve up a tastebud tingling sharing menu. Seafood of the day with rocotto chilli, onions and plantain chips and slow roasted pork with a mint and coriander sauce served with bean stew and quinoa. The classic accompaniment for all this is a Pisco Sour. However, take it easy on those to keep space for the first of your post dinner drink spots.

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Just across the road is the decadent Atlas Bar in the iconic Parkview Square building and it will certainly impress. Slide in here and transport yourself back to 1920s chic. Enjoy a drink from their wide ranging menu of cocktails and take in the relaxed ambience. Just a word on dress code. Whereas most places in Singapore are pretty relaxed, some bars do have a dress code. Make a point of checking this out before you go rather than getting turned away because you’re not quite smart enough. The Atlas Bar requires gents to wear long trousers in the evening, which will prepare you well for the final stop of the night.

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The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

If you’re in Singapore for just a short time, one thing you have to do is head up to the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and take in the incredible view. The hotel itself is a marvel of modern engineering. It comprises of 3 individual towers with a connecting roof designed to look like a ship. This roof is home to a number of bars, restaurants and a stunning infinity pool which is only available to residential guests. Therefore, if you’re not staying at the hotel, head up to the Ce La Vi rooftop bar. From here, you can take in the stunning views of the city across the infinity pool.

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By now you’ll probably be ready for bed so enjoy your sleep and lie in before hitting up brunch at Common Man Coffee Roasters. If you’re into your coffee, this is the place for you. With a wide ranging selection of specially roasted coffees from around Asia, it’s a chance to expand your coffee tastes. Even if you’re not into your coffee, the food menu is fantastic. Consisting of clever twists on classic breakfast favourites such as Marmite mushrooms on toast and a full breakfast with chorizo white beans and pesto tomatoes, this place will impress even the most fussy of diners.

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Singapore Must See

From here, it’s a short taxi ride to the Gardens by the Bay. If you were bored from a young age being dragged around public gardens, this will completely change your mind. Comprising of 3 separate areas, the gardens aim to make Singapore ‘a city in a garden’. One of the most spectacular aspects is the 22m high ‘canopy walkway’. This makes it seem like being up in the canopy level of a rainforest. From here you get awesome views across the gardens with the backdrop of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

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