How to: Stay Fit Whilst You Travel

When it comes to being away from home, we all know that keeping fit can come way down the priority list. Clients, meetings, lunches, tiredness, the lack of kit – the list of excuses is long and distinguished. However, with a little planning and a touch of motivation, keeping your body active whilst you’re traveling needn’t be a chore. Here are my top tips for keeping active whilst you’re living out of a suitcase.

Check out the facilities before you leave home

Ever arrived in a hotel and found out that it has a pool but you have no swimwear? Or that there’s a great gym but you have no trainers? Don’t let this be another excuse. By checking out the facilities at or near where you’re staying, you can pack appropriately for what’s available. A quick scroll through a hotel’s website will show you what leisure facilities they have available either on site or nearby. Once you know what you have at your disposal you can…

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Make a plan

So you know that there’s a half decent pool in the hotel or a great park nearby so how best to make the most of these? Before you leave home, think about how you will use the facilities and pack accordingly. Planning on going swimming? Make sure your swimwear and goggles are in your bag. Fancy going for a run in the park? Check that your trainers and headphones are packed. This way you won’t find yourself lacking those exercise essentials when you need them most. However, this is all futile unless you…

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Block off time to exercise.

Does your calendar look like a perfect game of Tetris, events all blocked in nicely together? Are those blocks and meetings you have to attend? Well why not make one of those blocks a slot for some exercise? By putting aside an hour a day in your calendar for some kind of physical activity, it doesn’t just become an after thought at the end of your day. Even better, make it something to wake up for (hear me out here!) and you can start the working day with that smug feeling of having already achieved something.

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Get outside, smash the jet lag

If you’re traveling across several time zones, jet lag is a major pain in the proverbial. Kill two birds with one stone by waking up at 7am and going for a 30-minute walk or run, ideally in a park or garden. Getting some fresh air into your system will invigorate you for the rest of the day and blast out the cobwebs of your journey. The early start will also help reset your body clock and get you over your jetlag quicker. Who doesn’t like a double win?!

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Be realistic

Even with the best intentions in the world, there will be days where it really isn’t possible to fit some exercise in or you’ll get to the gym and just not be training at your usual A Game level. That’s perfectly fine, it happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you miss a session, try and reschedule it for the next day. If you’re not lifting as heavy as at home or running as fast as you normally do, accept that tiredness and an out of sync body clock will do that. Just remember, 5 minutes of bad exercise is better than 5 minutes of no exercise. Keeping fit is a marathon, not a sprint. Just keep at it!

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